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~~Pennsylvania has such a long and rich history, why not dive Its 45,000 miles of rivers and streams?  Or its over 2500 man made lakes and 50 natural ones. A rich history that extends from the fossils of long extinct creatures to native American tribes.  The French and Indian war to the Revolution and founding of this country. Great battles of the civil war and the industrial revolution.  The list can go on and on.  

   Most Pennsylvania divers have only dove in one or two quarries.   Think of the missed opportunities all around us.   If you are a diver, especially living in Pa.  I urge you try diving a lake, river or creek at least once.   I've seen some beautiful rock formations, colorful aquatic plants and amazing animals and fish.  What can I say, I'm happy underwater.  I've found many bottles, a black powder rifle and much more.  I can't say anything is of historic value, but I hold it dear.   It gets me looking into the items own history and that can lead to anything.

    I don't know any divers that sit around together with their log books out, reminiscing over great dives and great times.  But I know of plenty who do hold and item in their hands and can tell the story of its discovery with such enthusiasm you want to go suit up.  So get out there and dive.  I hope you'll share your experiences with us.   I bet you'll have some interesting stories to tell and maybe a trinket or two to remember them by.

We are currently operating two inflatable boats for inland diving and are open to all suggestions for new dive sites.

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St. Lawrence Seaway       June 6 - 8     2014

One day boat diving - Keystorm & Vickory

One day shore diving - Islander wreck,  one bottle recovery dive

Includes : Transportation from Dillsburg, Pa

                two nights hotel DBL occupancy

                Charter fees


e mail us for more details

Lake Erie  -  Erie, PA             Aug  8 - 10    2014

One shore night dive    (more if desired)

One day boat diving - two wrecks

One day shore diving Presque Island

Includes : Transportation from Dillsburg, Pa

                 two nights hotel DBL occupancy

                 charter fees

e mail us for details                                       $425.00

Fuller Lake, Pine Grove s.p.  - Gardners, pa

Saturday April 12 at 9 am

Dive this abandoned quarry and see the old cribbing, ore carts and more

Meet you there.                               Free

Check back often as there will be more to come

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